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  • Containment, Restraint, and Self-Love This BLOG is for your (1) if your fuel tank runs low, (2) if brownies have more power over you than you do over them, or (3) if you find that your self-critical voice goes up in volume this time of year. Containment: In many ways, the practices of...
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  • Placing Yourself in the Right Conditions When we place ourselves in the right conditions, we cause awakening to happen. I consider this to be one of the universal laws of nature. To state it in more neutral terms, let's say this: With conditions, change happens. Change is always happening,...
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  • Introducing the DAYA Foundation DAYA means mercy, or compassion, and is one of the ten yamas of yoga. Our more contemporary "translation:" D elivering A ccessible Y oga A lternatives. On April 19th, 2012, the DAYA Foundation registered with the state of Oregon as a nonprofit entity...
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  • Peru 8 – Rainbow Center CARROT CAKE & YOGA For our first assignment at the Rainbow Center, Ann and I would be helping a group of children make carrot cake. We went with Yasmin, our coordinator, to the market to purchase what was needed. The market, like many in countries around...
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  • India Trip 2009 – 15 of 23

    Posted Mar 7 2009

    At the International Yoga Fesatival, there were 400 people in attendance from 34 countries. It has been an inspiration, genuinely. Whatever trendy aspects snuck in that brought on my eye rolls were far outweighed by the depth of feeling here. Truly, Love has been the greatest teacher, whether it was the Iyengar teacher, the morning teacher for Nada Yoga, or the afternoon Yoga Nidra sessions. But it’s also been the eye contact with the festival workers, many of whom speak little to no English and are serving our food, cleaning our bathrooms, and scaring the monkeys away from ambushing our lunches.

    Perhaps not having common language has cut down on the competition, gossip, and self-elevating, name dropping conversations that I experience in larger yoga gatherings in America? Though more likely, it’s the inner space I experience myself in at this time in my life. Rather than mental habits of judgment or comparison (remember the One and the Four?), I’ve been kept in good company here at the festival as Tolle, Rumi and Kabir waft through my thoughts.

    “ …all the effort that was a movement into the future – that enormous depleting mental energy stream – becomes intense Presence in the now. It is important to realize that surrender is also a very dynamic state. It is passive and active in one. The Tao te Ching often speaks of this paradox – the sage no longer does anything, and in that not doing anything, everything gets done. Presence is an intrinsic aspect of the surrendered state – that Presence also has seemingly contradictory qualities. One quality of Presence is enormous gentleness…embracing, vast gentleness. The other aspect is fierce, like a knife cutting through. The opposites merge in Presence.”

    - Tolle

    Come, come, whoever you are.
    This caravan knows no despair.
    Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving – Come.
    Even though you’ve broken your vows, perhaps ten thousand times.
    Come, come again.

    - Rumi

    The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell.
    Don’t go back to sleep.
    The door is wide and open.
    Don’t go back to sleep.
    The people are crossing over the threshold
    where the two worlds meet.
    You must ask for what you really want.
    Don’t go back to sleep.


    In surrender, that enormous gentleness keeps returning us to the “path,” to our greatest center of vitality, wisdom and clarity. We come, come, and come back again. No matter how many times we wander, we come back through surrender. From there, we can cross the threshold where the two worlds meet, without a sense that we are straddling them. We see the two worlds come together. Love and Service. Prayer and Playfulness. The marketplace and the ashram.

    Kabir says, “You must ask for what you really want.” In all light–heartedness, “I want a dark beer. Some dark chocolate. A nice glass of red wine and a steak. I would even enjoy a cup of coffee, with cream and sugar!”

    Any takers?

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